Can you officially open a blog?

After weeks of tinkering… (lets be honest – months) I finally have a blog layout that I like!

So without further ado, I declare this blog officially open. Can you officially open a blog? Who cares, I just have.


An introduction is probably in order, in case you aren’t related to me, or haven’t sat in an office with me rambling on for the last few years and have stumbled by this blog by accident.

I generally, as a rule, don’t write. I read. I edit. I correct. Yep I have a red pen and I love it. That said I’ll be making no apologies for my own poor copywriting and grammar, lets hope it improves as we go on.redpen2


As a slight aside, I am a big fan of the exclamation mark – I don’t use it in context and it’s sprinkled through my writing more than hundreds and thousands on an ice cream.


That said, I love to travel, drink, eat, be merry (sometimes very merry) and I live near one of the greatest cities in the world. I am also a big Disney fan, so there will be plenty of that too.

I’ll be doing reviews (of food, drinks, bars, travel kit, airlines, my feet. Whatever.) I might even sometimes include some photos I’ve taken. If you’re really lucky I may even foray into a bit of opinion on current affairs… Nah. Just kidding.

So welcome along! Comments are encouraged. Anyone up for random trips out to things / countries / places – even more so.

Right thats it. Post number one is up, and I am officially open. Wow, maybe not the best sentence right there. You know what I mean.


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