6000 miles and back again.

Tomorrow I start my new job. I say new ‘job’ in so much that its something i’ll be doing every day for the next 15 weeks but won’t be getting paid.

Maybe it sounds better if I call it ‘volunteering’ or ‘work experience’. Or I just say I’m sodding off to globe trot for a bit, which lets all be honest, is the reality.

I have an itinerary (which is somewhat ambitious), bookings (less ambitious and a bit of a mess), multiple currencies, and a somewhat unwieldy spreadsheet that says where I am meant to be in case I get confused which is very possible with 10 countries in 107 days.

I have a bag which is still not packed, and a distinct feeling that I will forget something (naturally) but as long as its not my snack bag or my pants I am sure i’ll figure it out. (I mean that in the UK version of the word – my actual underwear. Though to be honest going without trousers is also not ideal…)

So the itinerary!

Day 2-21 Japan

Day 22-50 China

Day 51-57 Russia

Day 58 Belarus

Day 59-67 Poland

Day 68 -74 Czech Republic

Day 75-86 Germany

Day 87-89 Austria

Day 90-96 Slovenia

Day 97-107 Croatia

Thats why I started this whole blog shebang really to write about this beast of a trip – anything else is a bonus. Any advice – must dos – or avoid at all costs in the countries above all welcome in the comments. Or y’know, read and run.I’ll fend for myself. I understand.

So I best get on with the packing really – and next time I post, I might even be on route!



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