6000 MABA TR – Day 1 – not quite leaving yet


I’ve decided to shorten the title of this trip report to 6000 MABA – 6000 miles and back again still – but shorthand.

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Day one
The alarms went off at about 9, now I say alarms as Adam has a nasty habit of sleeping through them, so multiple were most definitely required.
We were pretty much packed so it was just a case (case… #puntastic) of a last few bits, showers, food and leaving. Oh and clothing – we weren’t off to a nudist colony worry not.

Photo 20-03-2016, 12 35 31
At this stage I was worried about my bag[s] as they were heavy and full. Something I wasn’t really on board with, but no amount of reworking could fix this so we left with everything and Adam vowing to bring back anything that doesnt make the cut in three weeks time.
Now after trekking across London I can safely say that its fine – they connect together ok and though I’m sure some bits wont go to China with me – I think i’ve packed ok. I maybe don’t need the spork, washing line and travel mug, but we will see in 3 weeks.
Anyways – with that done, we hopped into a taxi (after a strange goodbye to the house for 15 weeks!) and headed to the station.

The plan was a fairly standard one for a backpacking trip; check into the Hilton at Heathrow (T4) at 3, leave bags, change, head into London for dinner at Wahaca, then go to see the London Symphonetica playing music from video games. Uber back. Sleep for 5 hours. Fly at 7.25am. Normal right?
Hilton was great – literally a 6 minute walk through a covered walk way through to the hotel. Massive atrium. Upgrade to a king. WINNING. Sometimes I outdo myself with signing up to stuff for trips (#modest) – HHonours is well worth it. Free wifi and upgrades when possible.
Some pics of the room (there will be lots of these over the next 15 weeks!). Plenty of space, sound not a problem at all. We faced inwards so thought it might be a bit like a tunnel but totally fine. Very powerful shower. And free with Tesco points. #bargain.

Unencumbered with bags we headed into town for our nerdy night out and straight to Wahaca. I am a huge fan of wahaca – i’ll do a separate review of this as I feel I need a whole post to talk about each and every dish. In detail. Drool.
So instead heres a photo of Adam in Wahaca instead. You’re welcome.

Photo 21-03-2016, 02 39 36
After a fab dinner and our first drinks of the trip we hopped back onto the tube (god what an awful saying ‘we hopped back onto the tube’… bear with me… i’ll revert to my less perky self shortly), to the Troxy. The shittiest venue in London. Ah there we are. Didn’t take long.
Thats probably a little harsh, I am sure there are worse but I really dislike the Troxy, its always crap, the views are odd and the sound is always below par. We had seats in row H, the seats are dinner style though and I just feel its a strange place for a gig.

It turns out it worked well with the audience, which were a mixture of cosplayers, and what I can only describe as super nerds. Now lets be fair, I consider myself a slight nerd. I consider Adam a massive nerd. These people. They were like King nerds. The costumes were epic, and the beards even more amazing. And every SINGLE game that they played the music for got a huge roar, with people singing along. WTF?
I was there. I still don’t know.
I might do a smaller separate review of the show – talk about what they played – some of the costumes (I just wrote customers – i’ll do that too. Well worth it) for anyone interested in a super weird gig that comes to the UK every few years. And more importantly – what to expect if you’ve bought tickets for your husbands birthday…
After what was a nice way to spend our last night in London, we headed back to Heathrow for a short nap (yes I am calling 5 hours a nap), and set more alarms (and a call… fancy) for 5am the next morning.

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