6000 MABA TR – Day 5 – Nap interlude

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Today started earlier than I had intended. At approx 2.45am. I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Damn jetlag. It was hugely snowing outside though so pretty pleased about that – by the time we left it had settled pretty well on everything but the roads.

We actually got up at about 7.30, had the same brekkie as yesterday so I wont bore you with pics, and caught the 9am bus to Goryu. Looking reading for some snow action at the bus stop #helmet

Photo 24-03-2016, 08 56 30


The plan was to do a run first before our 10am lesson. I got up to the lift, then changed my mind and decided I didnt feel ready yet. Yes I know its just a baby slope but i’d totally forgotten what I was doing! Especially as it was now all powdery ack!

Photo 24-03-2016, 12 01 58
Probably for the best given that my first run on my lesson with Will from Nottingham – i totally lost control and scared the living daylights out of myself. Unfortunately – 1st season Will – didn’t really help and I spent most of that lesson feeling it had been a waste of money. Considering there were only two of us on the lesson he wasn’t giving us much to improve on and essentially was pootling down the slope as we tried to follow.
That said, it probably helped my confidence as I did a good few runs this time.
Lunch arrived and I went for Pork Katsu curry (with rice – not ideal but hey not much choice) and it was taaaasty. Got some Gyozu as well which was spot on.

Photo 24-03-2016, 13 02 10
After lunch, the lack of sleep really hit, and I caught the bus back. It was 2pm and I was done.
I have no idea what time I woke up, probably sometime around 5.30… when Adam arrived back from taking my things back to the rental place (I only had two days of skiing and my husband is a lovely human being who took back my things so I could sleep) at which point I was hungry again. Standard.
We decided though with me feeling like death warmed up and served on a charmingly disarming plate that we would just go to our own bar and get a few bites and use our drinks vouchers.

One bowl of seafood dim sum and some pork sliders later…. Oh and a malibu and orange #totallytropical… we were quite happy to go back upstairs to soak our aching muscles and sleep. Apres ski this was not.
Well it was… in that it was ‘after… ski…’ but it wasnt quite the boozing i’d planned. It was season end though so not much of that really going on. We are already planning another ski/board trip though… anyhow I digress!
So with very little happening today, its a pretty short one. Don’t worry – tomorrow will be a beast. I am not sure if that’s a good thing or not!

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