Why I love Wahaca. The review.

Wahaca, for those who have not yet found this delight, is a restaurant chain in London that serves ‘Mexican street food’. And given that I have to eat low GI wherever possible (I might have one meal a week thats not), its a great option as its not carbtastic. (Don’t get me wrong. I love carbs. Like a fat kid loves cake. I was a fat kid, and I did love cake come to think of it. However I am no longer allowed to eat many of them. Damn insulin.)

There are loads of great things about it. The food – obviously vital. The decor is also pretty cool. They’ve got a great cocktail menu. You don’t normally need a reservation.

Oh and the GI thing, pretty key for me personally – but you might right now be thinking what is she harping on about, dont worry – its not important, just bear in mind that when I rave about mashed potato and dessert its because I now eat them so rarely that when I do it can actually be the highlight of my week, month…. year….

Back to Wahaca – We visited the wardour street restaurant on a Sunday evening and were met by a great waitress – Sandra – who was very cool (one might even say edging on hipster, but not annoyingly so), and we were taken to a table in the corner of the restaurant. Some people hate this, I love it.

Sandra (lets call her happy hipster from now on), explained the menu to a confused Adam, and we promptly ordered their chorizo frioles (refried beans with tortilla chips) to nibble whilst we (Adam) tried to figure out what he fancied. Tbh I’d been looking at this menu for weeks so was pretty set. The frioles was amazing – I dipped everything I could into this chorizo fuelled bad boy.

Photo 21-03-2016, 02 39 31
We ordered a Corona (him) and a passionfruit mojito (me), which were both tasty. They really like to muddle the cocktails here, so if you are like a friend of mine who hates bits – have a chat with your own happy hipster before you order!

After a fairly lengthy discussion regarding sharing tapas style plates vs adam having his own (due to his hatred of sauces) I went tapas, and adam went main meal and ate half of mine as well. Typical.

We flagged down the happy hipster – and ordered the following:
Chicken Taquitos – always love these, fried tortilla kind of makes it similar to a spring roll texture, but its full of chicken and lime and served with a really great salsa style salad. Delish.

Photo 21-03-2016, 02 48 31
Sweet potato chunks – Now I am not kidding when I say I eat a lot of sweet potato (the only carb thats not too bad), but these are the best. Straight up. Bloody love them and i’d eat them every day if I could. Just the right about of salt, fried perfectly so slightly crisp on the edges without being crunchy. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them.
Smoky chipotle chicken quasadillas – these were a let down, they were just a little bland. I feel possibly misled by the term ‘smoky’ as there was no hint of smoke in there either.

Photo 21-03-2016, 02 50 17

Chicken. Cheese. Tomato. In a tortilla sandwich. Hmm. I’ll give this one a miss next time.
Rib eye and cheese tacos – this is a special, and has a special price at £6.50 as well!

Photo 21-03-2016, 03 18 05Photo 21-03-2016, 02 52 19

That said, don’t let that put you off, these are HEAVEN. The steak was cooked perfectly, the mix of marinade and salsa was stunning and I could have eaten these all day too. Win! I hope they put these on the menu permanently. I was pleased that they weren’t tacos in the normal sense of the word as well – in so much that they are a crunchy shaped shell – these were much softer.


Steak with rice.

Photo 21-03-2016, 02 53 54
He thoroughly enjoyed this (along with my sweet potato and rib eye tacos…) and did remarkably give me a bite of his steak, which was great for less than £12. Well cooked, great flavour from the rub with a bit of spice but not overpowering.
Happy hipster was excellent throughout, very attentive whilst still keeping the chilled casual vibe.

We didnt stick around for dessert in a bid to cut down my sugar and get over to Limehouse – but we will be back for sure. Maybe to visit the tequila bar next time. One tequila… two tequila…

Photo 21-03-2016, 03 18 43

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