6000 MABA TR – Day 4 – snow arrivals

(This has been posted out of sequence as I appear to have forgotten to actually post it. Even though it was written some time ago… only realised when I went to update the index…)

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The first non travel day! Wooop!


We had no idea what we were doing – nothing booked – no skis / boards with us but a voucher to collect. I’d done plenty of research and contacted the snow school but not heard anything back so we were a bit out on a limb and hoping for the best.
Went up for breakfast – well we went down first… ooh errr…. and by that I mean down to reception you filthy minded monkeys… they’d failed to tell us late last night that breakfast is in the lounge upstairs. Or that such a place even existed. We just looked like we were trying to get into the bar at 8am. Problems.

Photo 23-03-2016, 08 09 41
Spread was good – cereals, toast, fruit, fruit salad. You then get a choice of three hot things from the following: Bacon, tomato, eggs, hash brown, mushrooms. Erm wheres the sausage folks? (I am on a ROLL with the filth today!) not only that but 3 items does not really constitute a full breakfast – anyhow I digress.

Photo 23-03-2016, 08 26 59
Breakfast for me was fruit, bacon and eggs. Adams included hash browns. And cereal.

The lounge was pretty cool as well – has a pool table so might potter up there later today.

Word on the street (my street consists of message boards and the stringy haired guy in the lounge) was that goryu was the best place for beginners (which is where i’d tried to contact) so gave them a call. Turns out that they did have us booked in so that was handy – my email just didnt turn up!
First things first – apparently you can’t really ski without skis so we headed to ‘Spicy’ – the rental place. Spicy loaded us up with kit – Adam bought more things that didn’t arrive (socks, gloves etc). We went back to change then caught the (free) 10 am resort bus to IImori. Takes about 15 minutes.
The drive over was pretty dry and worryingly snowless – but we got there and there was plenty of the wet white stuff so Adam was thrilled.

We weren’t booked in until 1, so had a while to trundle around. Adam went in to chat with them to confirm when we should arrive and they had so few people on the lessons they could take us straight away. Excellent! We both ended up on a private lesson as well due to it being so quiet! WIN! The lift passes were a bargain as well if anyone was wondering.

Photo 23-03-2016, 13 42 54
I ended up with Laura, whose accent was remarkably familiar… because shes a northern lass from Huddersfield and responded to my home town with ‘Ah Darlo!! Small world!!’.
She was excellent. Given that I had done one hour long lesson in Hemel a few years ago I started right at the bottom. I ended up at level 3 by the end! In two hours! Very proud of myself. That said – still terrifying going too quickly, especially when there’s a pole holding up the chair lift coming up waaaay too fast infront of you on a run that you’ve not done before. Adam naturally loved it.

By the end my legs were jelly, but apparently that’s normal for a first time skiing… and it has given me another idea for a blog post – 10 things to expect when you ski for the first time. Nearly shitting oneself is most definitely in there.

Photo 23-03-2016, 12 53 46
On that note – we may well take periscope again tomorrow from the mountain, so if you fancy keeping up to date – live – or at least within the last 24 hours – we are on there as @bobsledwheels. Hang on i’ve just realised that segway was a bit odd – I promise not to shit myself live on periscope.
For now.
After lessons we went for food. Yep I have photos. This will continue. We both had beef steak bowls, which come with miso soup (which I really liked for once) and pickled spring onions (which neither of us touched). About 3000Yen, which I work into dollars then pounds (its easier in my head) approx £20. Ive just checked – its £18.80 so my mental arithmetic does apparently go as far as currency conversion. Thats good to know.

Photo 23-03-2016, 12 56 55
Hole filled (sorry), I decided it was time to get the bus back and got the 2pm one – leaving adam for another hour to play. He ended up on the 3pm bus back.
I got to the hotel feeling somewhat dodge – think jetlag had set in, and my new fun sunburn was not helping. I put suncream on and everything dammit. I’d burn underground I swear.
So I sat and wrote more of my blog on the sofa watching the snow fall. Ahhh how nice. I also had some cake. #naughty

Photo 23-03-2016, 15 48 21
To be honest this travelling and eating lark is excellent, if only it paid the mortgage i’d do it full time.
At some point – maybe the cake started it – hunger descended and we went off in search of food.
After a few ‘nah don’t fancy that’ we settled on a place called Sumo Tei, which was a place run by an ex sumo wrestler, which served food called ‘Nabe’which I think loosely translates as ‘pot’. See I’m a genius at Japanese already. I’m absolutely doing a separate review on this though as it really is an experience!

The grub was great, and once we had figured out chopsticks, and eaten the masses of food we were stuffed and happy and headed back to the hotel, the journey home was interesting as it was now super snowing. And cold. As you’d expect.

Given that it was still relatively early and still our first real day as such we needed to stay up a bit longer, so a game of pool was declared.

Photo 23-03-2016, 20 20 45
We met an Aussie couple up in the lounge so played a game with those guys too (and lost. Just) before soaking in the bath to try and ease the muscles a bit (my ITBs and knees by this point were fuuuuucked).
So our first ‘real’ day was done – we were shattered and happy and looking forward to another day of skiing ahead.

*I’d like to put your mind at rest, I never intend to defecate live on periscope. And obviously as we’ve now left the mountain there are no ski trips to see – but plenty of travel related shenanigans! @Bobsledwheels

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