A slight update – with more to come

Hi All!

I just wanted to do a quick update after that whirlwind trip from Japan and back again! Its been an age since I updated, photos are all over the shop so to speak – so in the process of sorting all of those and will then be updating (hopefully!) twice a week with more on our jaunts across the globe, upcoming trips and Disney shenanigans.

I’ve got a few other projects going on as well – another blog (I know – I need to sort this one out first I hear you cry! Alas – the other won’t wait!), a house renovation and a secret squirrel project as well which I’m dabbling in – watch this space.

In the meantime – I just thought i’d show you my travel related nails! I’ve gotten a bit addicted to Jamberry nail wraps – so thought i’d whack these up as a midway post this week. Sort of a travel related lifestyle post for your enjoyment. Or mine. Lets be honest.

So here’s todays productivity – my nails for this weekend – our annual secret weekend. More on that in another post…

This is #mintgreenchevronjn #wanderlustjn #daydreamjn as a mixed mani. Brushing up my #nailfie skills as well.

Photo 05-07-2016, 12 36 58

So until later this week (if I pull my finger out!) laters!

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